5 Tips for Customer Support Security

Every organization is at risk of going through a data security breach at any time. Whether it’s a retail establishment or other companies dealing with B2B clients, protecting your customers’ sensitive information is critical. Many organizations seek a configurable collaboration solution that works for all parties, since customer service personnel are heavily involved with customers’ sensitive information today. Still, one minor mistake could lead to some difficult consequences if information gets into the wrong hands. Here are five simple tips to enhance your customer support security.

Utilize Secure Cloud Storage Solutions

The great news about customer support security is a business doesn’t have to be security experts themselves. One of the most secure customer solutions is using secure cloud storage provided and monitored by a company specializing in IT security. The cloud is one of the most secure options, as long as you do not allow employees to put sensitive information on a public cloud or on their own personal accounts.

Never Communicate or Store Sensitive Information in Email

Many customer support team members will mistakenly communicate sensitive information via email. Not only are emails not secure, but the risk is present for an employee to accidentally share the customer’s imperative assets with the wrong people. The basic rule of thumb is to refrain from transmitting any sensitive information via email.

Require Employees to Perform Their Own Double-Checking

No matter what secure customer solutions you have in place, an employee mistake can lead to a customer’s information being at risk of getting stolen. One of the guidelines to implement in your organization is to have every employee review documents, files or emails thoroughly before sending them. These files should be free of any sensitive information, even if it’s being sent to the correct customer.

Review Internal Security Measures Frequently

Every company should have their own secure customer solutions in place, but the procedures and protocols need to be reviewed frequently. This is especially true when you hire a new employee or when an employee gets promoted to a higher position with more access. One internal security measure could be to limit the amount of people who have access to customer information. The fewer people who can see this information, the lesser the risk is of having the data compromised.

Educate Employees Periodically

New developments arise in IT security virtually every day. Some of them are important for only IT professionals, but some apply to your customer support team as well. Your configurable collaboration solution is only as strong as your support team, so ensuring everyone is on the same page will create a stronger unit as a whole.

PhaseWare offers secure customer solutions to help organizations protect their customers’ imperative assets. Customer support security is something that should never be taken lightly. While we work diligently to help businesses improve their support workflows, we also place a high emphasis on customer support security. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.


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