These 3 Support Metrics are Invaluable

Analyzing metrics are critical components for any business, and every metric tells a different story or provides different insights. A single metric may identify a flaw, but another metric could identify why the flaw occurred in the first place so you can work toward resolving it. A configurable collaboration solution many businesses opt for is analyzing various support metrics to get an overall view of their support team’s performance so they can choose the areas to focus on. Support metrics are invaluable to any business, and here are the top three to focus on.

Service Level Agreement Metrics

Companies with service level agreements in place need to have an on demand SLA tracker to provide the metrics needed to ensure standards are being met. With the on demand SLA tracker, you can measure first reply times, average reply times, the quantity of replies on a single ticket and more. These metrics can provide insights as to how efficient your agents are working, and how closely they are to approaching an SLA deadline.

Amount of Tickets Solved

Many companies set goals for how many tickets are solved on any given day, week, month or year. These metrics are simple to read, since a ticket was either solved or it wasn’t. However, with configurable customer support software, you can view daily metrics in real-time to compare the amount of open tickets to the amount of tickets solved. You may be hitting your daily goals, but those goals also may need to be revised if you’re receiving a higher volume of tickets than expected. If you see a ticket backlog, you can identify a solution to clear out the backlog to make the amount of open tickets more manageable.

Resolution Times

Quick resolution times generally correlate to higher levels of customer satisfaction. However, a quick resolution doesn’t always indicate the best quality of service was provided. Each type of issue should take a certain amount of time to resolve. You may have an agent who handles issues quickly, but if metrics indicate issues are being handled too quickly, then you can investigate further. Your configurable customer support software can be tailored to look at not only the general view of resolution times, but also compare those times to expected timeframes.

PhaseWare has a configurable collaboration solution to meet any business need. Metrics are most effective when many of them are combined and compared, which can be overwhelming for managers. With the right solution in place, you’ll be able to manage and analyze metrics most efficiently and have clear insights to what’s working and what needs improvements. Be sure to contact us to learn how we can help you manage your metrics most efficiently.


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