What You Need in a Knowledge Base

In perfecting your customer service environment, you will need to have all the essentials available to your customers and your employees alike. The most important features will include multi-channel support, proactive customer care options, and of course, a vast knowledge base.


Accumulating and maintaining the information required to build the knowledge base, that your company needs can require a lot of time, effort, and expertise. Making it all come together is a bit easier with the right customer service software on your side, and the right priorities in line. Here are the top four features you need to shape the most effective knowledge base possible.

#1: Extensive silos of information, on every topic that may relate to your company. The most effective knowledge base is the one that can answer any question, big or small. Ideally, your company’s wealth of readily available information would be able to help any customer completely solve their own concern without even needing the assistance of a customer service associate. This goal is a pretty lofty one, but the first step towards achieving it is to make sure you knowledge base is as big as your customer base.

#2: Search-ability. What good is a hunk of info if it’s all locked away behind a poor search engine? The function of being completely searchable and open for access is pivotal to the success of your knowledge base. With PhaseWare’s powerful search engine, you’ll have the ability to search every informational outlet at once, including chat history, downloads, notices, articles, and more.

#3: Smart structure. A copious amount of information is desirable, but only if it is usable. The arrangement of information (and availability of it all) is also a key feature to cultivating an effective knowledge base. The smart, reliable structure of PhaseWare’s knowledge base ensures that whoever is accessing the content will only see content applicable to the product that that customer owns, so that he or she doesn’t have to sift through ages of impertinent articles, wasting time and potentially luring them away from the actual solution.

#4: Malleability. Your company is a growing thing. The best knowledge base will have the ability to grow with it, change to your needs, and change to the needs of your customers as well. As your business adds and improves on the products and services it provides, you will need to have a knowledge base that can keep up with its success to ensure that your DIY customers are still in the know.

A Knowledge base is a must-have function for the modern business. Formulating one can help ease the stress of incoming incidents from all of your representatives, improve your customer satisfaction rates, and provide around-the-clock service when you might not have been able to do so with your workforce. Prioritizing your knowledge base is one of the best decisions you could make to build a bigger, better year for your company in 2016!

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