Refine Your Design: Using Visual WorkFlows

If you’re a company starting out, it may be easy to follow a self-made regiment for incident resolution. But it won’t always be like that. As your company grows and your customer base grows with it, agents have more incidents to address. This can lead to internal issues like unresolved tickets, slow response times, and frustrated customers. 

This is where PhaseWare’s Visual WorkFlows come in. You can create a WorkFlow to help with the workload by automating various alerts and tasks to create a smooth flow as the number of incidents increase. With the simple drag-and-drop feature, you can mold your WorkFlow in any way you see fit. The system was created with simplicity in mind, so there’s no coding necessary. It is also built to be to be as user friendly as it is visually appealing. With the ability to make your WorkFlow behave the way you want it to, when you want it to, comes the ability to read and organize yourself on an upper level to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

While the appearance is a plus, it’s not the most important part of Visual WorkFlows. This feature of PhaseWare’s software is a whole world of customer service in and of itself; able to make incidents, set task rules, output visual reporting in real time, and even spawn generations of WorkFlows out from the original incident using an automated set of rules that you select and configure at will. Parent incidents, and their generations, can be assigned to any agent. This will create a sort of hierarchy beyond just the task level for particular incidents, so that your work really does flow with the proper priority tier on each customer issue, and the proper agent assigned to each issue.

As with all PhaseWare products, the Visual WorkFlows communicates flawlessly inside your Tracker product. You can save favorite task searches, run a nearly infinite number of configurable reports, and check on the status of your WorkFlow in real time so that no moment is lost and you never miss a beat. Visual WorkFlows provide each representative with a veritable map of their day, right in front of them, and customizable to their heart’s content. The product is simple to set up, easy to adjust, and will give your agents the ability to just take a deep breath and trust in the software. That way, your customers can trust in your company!


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