Saving Time With Incident Management

Creation of incidents is one of the main processes that can take up your agents’ valuable time. Ensuring that the right incident goes to the right agent, organizing the information therein, and setting an appropriate response time are key elements to providing the excellent customer service that you want your company to be known for. However, maintaining this standard can be a burden on your team without the proper assistance.

PhaseWare’s customer service software can help your company cut down on time spent with such details, improving your incident response time, raising your customer satisfaction, and decreasing the stress level in the workplace. Here are a few of the finer points in our software which can give your business the upper hand with incident creation and management.

Incident cloning. With the Tracker product, you and your crew will have the ability to clone an incident instantaneously, so that splitting it out into different issues or spreading it across multiple agents takes not time at all. Incident cloning is a great way to send information where it needs to be, fast.

Quick Incidents. Commonly seen incidents can soon become a frustration as employees are required to follow the same intake process over and over again throughout the day. With Quick Incidents, your employees can record everyday incidents with just a few keystrokes instead. Inside of this feature is included the ability to customize each incident as well, for those minor differences like customer and contract, quick note additions, and time logging for easy management.

E-mail integration. PhaseWare’s help desk solution will help your agents monitor their inboxes and even create automatic incidents for incoming issues. If the described problem for an incoming email contains information to link it to a current customer account, an incident is created, just like that.

Automated assignment. Automation is, hands down, one of the most effective ways to save time in the workplace. With PhaseWare’s software you can set a rule for tickets to be assigned automatically, saving you and your team the time they would have spent organizing and assigning each ticket individually. But it doesn’t stop there. With the Event Engine, you will be able to set your automated system to reassign incidents when necessary, or assign them to a higher support level if the incident escalates.

Managing your company’s incidents can become second nature to a team with the right support at their back. With PhaseWare at your side, automation and incident management will simplify your day’s workload into something tractable and comfortable for both your customers and your agents.

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