PhaseWare’s Personal Support & Training

It takes good customer service to know good customer service.
This year in the customer service industry there have been leaps and bounds made to produce quicker, more accessible, more mobile, and more intricate features and programs for businesses looking for a software solution. Navigating through all of the details for proper use of such programs can be difficult without guidance, and can easily lead to your company missing out on some key features or neat little add-ons that could bump your business from good service into great service. How do you stay on top of all the nuances for your new customer service software? Pick a company that will keep you informed, and work with you to cultivate the best customer service environment possible.

PhaseWare’s applications are used largely from the Cloud—software on your end is hosted on our end so that all the functions you need are available to you all the time, whether you are in the office or not. But operating from the Cloud does not mean you’re left without a support system for learning the product or configuring complicated settings. PhaseWare’s support staff is available to you whenever you need it, with a domestic call center ready to help you understand the situation at hand and accomplish your goals in a timely manner, and maybe even offer some tips and tricks you hadn’t known about before. The support staff is also available through email support if your day is just a bit too full for a phone call.

True to its values,PhaseWare’s Self Service Portal also offers a wide, thorough, easily navigable knowledge base available to you 24 hours a day for those support questions you’d rather check into on your own. The powerful search engine will bring the answers to your fingertips just as soon as you ask the question. The marketing site also includes some support features like an FAQ and training video sets for potential customers, so you can get a handle on those preemptive worries you might think about before really digging into the new customer service software you’re about to have under your command.

Selecting customer service software can be one of the pivotal decisions to perfecting your business. It’s important to keep the priorities in order: if you want to give good service, you’ll need to get good service, and that is exactly what PhaseWare does best. Our company strives to prove it by providing the most encompassing, encouraging, and engaging customer service to its buyers, any time they need it.


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