Set It and Forget It: Automating Your Way to Success

Your efficiency as a company is intertwined with its individual components. Are your customers well equipped to relay their concerns to you? Are you employees comfortable with their roles and tools? All of it has to work cohesively to maintain the strength of your business. Not the least of these components is your selection and use of customer service software, for smooth interaction between company and clientele.

So what are the qualities to look for when choosing the best customer service software for your needs? A few of the top features would include multi-channel support, a vast and searchable knowledge base, and a customizable look and feel to keep your brand sharp. While PhaseWare is proud to provide these necessary ingredients, we also offer a special little something that can really give your company the edge it needs to succeed: automated everything.

With the power to automate, your company can become a steady machine of customer support, 24 hours a day. One of the preeminent options for our automated service is the ability to create automatic incidents for incoming customers. This feature is based on a timer which will alert your representatives when they need to resolve the issue, so you can just set it and forget it. The PhaseWare software also includes the option to set automated reminders inside of preexisting incidents, fully configurable to your particular desires for the company standard. This sort of automation can ease the stress on your employees to keep track of the ever growing demand from incoming customers, so their work flow is simplified and streamlined with little effort on their end.

Automation can be your solution for escalating customer issues as well. With PhaseWare’s products, you are able to set a rule to automatically escalate customer incidents, and receive a notification as soon as it does. This notification can come through any route you choose—email, pop-up window, or even have it texted right to your phone. With automated escalation you will have the power to address an issue while it is still in the early stages, saving it from becoming a more stressful, time consuming experience for both your customer and your employee.

These are just a few of the many potential advantages of selecting a customer service software program with extensive automation options. PhaseWare’s automated systems are some of the best in the business, and they work with and for your company across the board—not only will you be able to automate a good portion of your customer service interactions, but you will have access to over 80 out-of-the-box auto-generated reports, and (as is our mantra) you can customize these as well. Everything you automate is set to your specifications, so that your work as a company decreases and your customer satisfaction scores increase in kind.

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