PhaseWare’s Newest Site Feature – Training Videos

This February saw a rollout of PhaseWare’s latest new feature on the website—Tracker Beyond training videos! If you are a current user, or considering becoming one, these simple educational videos can help you take full advantage of PhaseWare Tracker Beyond products and their many features.The first video, highlighting a few of the Beyond basics, can be found here, from the Training Videos link on the top of each webpage.

Each video will be a short, 1-5 minute time span with a good set of tips and info presented with the clean, effective touch that PhaseWare does best. Not only will these videos allow you to make the most of your new Tracker products, but it will be easy to fit into your busy day on the job! A few videos have been released to date, and the project will see a continuing series put up on the website through the year of 2016 and on.

If you are new to Tracker Beyond, there are a few product features you should know about off the bat. It’s fueled by HTML 5, offering only the latest and greatest technologies for its users. With Tracker Beyond, you will have access to a highly configurable product and resources to help create the best possible customer service environment for your customers and your employees alike. Luxuriously flexible API and a fully customizable set up with the Screen Designer tool will make all of your customer service dreams become a reality.

With Tracker Beyond comes a lot of mobility as well. The product design was created with the user in mind, meaning that you can resolve customer issues regardless of your personal circumstance. The new format supports any modern web browser on either Mac or PC, as well as the ability to run its full capacity on extended platforms like the iPad or Galaxy tab. This product will not only satisfy customers, but your employee users as well.

Keeping yourself in the loop for product updates will be easy with Tracker Beyond, as its sole purpose is to be on top of (and ahead of) the game when it comes to customer service. The new video training set is a great way to stay in touch with all of the new updates and must-have product improvements that PhaseWare is able to drop on a regular basis! New videos with the best tips and info will be available for this month, this year, and the foreseeable future.


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