Scaling Up: How to Navigate Company Growth

Inevitably as your company becomes more and more successful, it will result in more and more inquires for your customer service representatives and support team. A large part of providing a successful support staff for the demands that lie ahead is planning for growth and investing in the right customer service tools to protect your agents and prepare them. What exactly will your company need in a software system, and how do you go about ensuring that the system is able to scale with you as you grow? Here are some items to keep in mind as you set your business up for the future.

  1. Smooth out any bumps, hiccoughs, or hitches in the interface. A minor inconvenience, like having to click on two links when it could just be one, may not have much of an impact on a smaller company. But once that company becomes the powerhouse it is destined to be, little interface hindrances will add up to huge amounts of time lost. And time, as everyone knows, is money. PhaseWare’s software has an intuitive, customizable workflow that will ensure the streamlining of your team’s day.
  2. Organize, organize, organize. PhaseWare also offers advanced natural language searching and result ranking capabilities, as well as powerful filtering systems so that no ticket is lost. The best kind of searching tool allows you to get to the information you need in numerous ways, and PhaseWare has been perfecting its software for years to do just that.
  3. Keep your team informed. Pick a support solution that won’t hang you out to dry once the sale is made – check for available resources, training modules, customer service departments and self-service options to make sure that the company you choose is ready to be right there with you every step of the way. PhaseWare is proud to make every effort to support its buyers every time they need it and pass their expertise along to their customers.
  4. Automate for success. Each person has a limited amount of energy and decision making ability they can really utilize in a day. Computer systems don’t have that limit. Automating as many processes as necessary helps not only to eliminate unnecessary human errors, but also free up your agents’ valuable time and energy to be spent towards more intricate or personal customer interactions. The value of automated services truly can’t be overstated.
  5. Make sure all of your systems talk to each other nicely, so that no information is allowed to fall through the cracks. Your e-mail should be linked to your customer service software solution which should be linked to live chat, phone support, self-service, and every other mode of communication. With a properly utilized system integrations, each customer service representative should be able to access a 360° of the customer in question any time they need it.

Using all of these steps, you can create the customer service environment that is ready to handle it all. Whether your company is preparing for 10 contacts in a day, or 10,000, quality is the key!

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