Maintaining Mortgages with PhaseWare

When opening a loan, surveying the success of the company, or tracking the conditions and agreements on a certain loan, what is it that mortgage companies use to help guide and facilitate their daily workflow?The current market of service software has left a few gaps and flaws in their systems which can leave companies piecing together a solution for themselves, making it work with various programs and often times taking a hit on company efficiency or execution.

With PhaseWare, all those worries could be over. Aspects of our advanced service software technology can be used to create the ideal environment for a mortgage company, utilizing upper-class organizational structures and top-of-the-line customer service programs.

One of the most important tools that PhaseWare has to offer is included in the Tracker Suite, allowing companies to manage and maintain agreements made between the loaner and the borrower. Tracker has a specific system to ensure that once an agreement has been established, no breeches in that agreement are undocumented, no deadlines arrive with a surprise, and no goals are left unmet. With the ability to create and maintain an unlimited number of loan tickets without compromising the quality of the service therein, your mortgage company would be free to grow as quickly as the market demands. All agreements are fully configurable to the specific needs of the customer, as well, to ensure personalized and satisfactory service, every time.

Along with the right type of organizational software, using PhaseWare can help to keep an eye on the health of the company (and the health of the loan agreements) using a powerful, unique reporting system. Monitoring and tracking loan commitments, response times, individual goals, and many more functions will give the company an upper hand in diagnosing present issues or upcoming trends, so that you can stay on top of the needs of the customer, potentially even before the customer is aware of a need. This pre-emptive service is one of the key factors in providing the kind of service that makes a company bloom, and PhaseWare comes with over 80 reports right out of the box. Not only will you have access to a huge wealth of information from our canned reports, you can also invent and configure any sort of report that might occur to you along the way with the help of our expert staff.

Mortgage companies have been waiting too long for the right software to make the whole system come together. PhaseWare has been developing just the product for the past six years. Contact Us or call 866-390-3492 to get more information about our solution.

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