How to Save Time and Money With Ticket Deflection

Any growing business knows the struggle of maintaining a manageable ticket queue as customers continue to come on board. Growing the size of the support staff and training is time consuming and expensive. There is a solution, and it comes in the form of ticket deflection via customer self-service

One of the greatest features of a full-featured customer self-service portal is the inclusion of knowledge base (KB) resources. A knowledge base is a repository of user guides, downloads, FAQs, notes, videos, solutions and more that your customers can take advantage of to answer their own questions regarding their issues. Leveraging a KB to your customer can greatly reduce the number of tickets submitted to your support team.

Take that a step beyond and look for a solution that provides smart knowledge base suggestions when customers try to submit a ticket. Many customers will immediately submit a ticket instead of searching the KB. This is where KB suggestions are incredibly useful. When a customer goes to submit a ticket via your online self-service portal they are greeted with a series of suggestions from the knowledge base based on their ticket details. This will deflect simple issues customers can solve without involving your support team. If your customer does not see the solution they seek, or if their problem is beyond the KB’s abilities, they can still submit a ticket as usual. This gives customers the best of both worlds when it comes to self-service as well as customer support from your team.

For those customers that love to solve their problems on their own, a self-service portal needs to have a powerful search engine. What good are all your solution guides, FAQs, downloads, and more if your customers can’t easily find them? Adding a search engine gives your customers instant access to all the valuable information they are looking for. Also with up-to-date self-service solutions, you will have the option to offer your customers the ability to use the portal from anywhere using their mobile device. This will give them the ability to perform all the aforementioned actions, from anywhere, using their mobile device. 

By setting up your self-service portal for ticket deflection, your support department can save time and money. All you have to do is set up your self-service portal to allow customers to help themselves.


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