How to Find Secure Hosting for Your Customer Service Data

Finding secure data hosting is an important action every business involved with customer service must take seriously. Companies today are getting their customer data stolen way too often, and many of these situations could have been prevented if they had implemented cloud based customer support software along with a secure data host. Data stored in the cloud will increase the level of security for your business and customers, and it will also make your support agents’ jobs much easier. Plus, your confidential business and customer information will be stored securely without having to take a hands-on approach to protect it. Here are certain components to consider when finding secure data hosting in the cloud to protect your customer data.

Why Secure Customer Data is Essential

As a business owner, you should never sacrifice the security of your customers to save a dollar or two. In fact, secure customer solutions should be one of the first priorities to consider every day. When your customer data is vulnerable to a data breach, you’re not only putting your reputation on the line, but you could also be facing some stiff legal penalties by not having the most secure practices to protect confidential customer and business information.

Security is The Top Priority

Security should always be a top priority when finding a customer data host. Data breaches are possible no matter what service you use, but it doesn’t mean security features should be ignored. Your agents will need to access data from the cloud at any given time, so your host has to ensure the information transmitted to and from the cloud is secure. With peace of mind knowing data is secured, along with accessing and using the data through your configurable customer support software, agents can be more efficient and provide better overall service to customers.

Be Proactive With Security

Your secure data host should always keep up with the latest trends, especially when it comes to data security. You’ve made a significant investment in your cloud based customer support software, but you can only make the most of it if you know your customer data is secure and only accessible to the people who need to access it. As with any software, updates will always be needed in order to keep security at its best, and your data host should work in conjunction with your secure customer solutions to ensure data is always protected and accessible. Security and efficiency are two of the best attributes any company can have, and a configurable customer support software combined with a secure data host can give yours both.

PhaseWare offers secure customer support solutions to businesses in order to help make their customer service departments operate efficiently and securely. Working with a secure data host to use data stored in the cloud protects your business and your customers, as well as gives your support agents the resources needed to do their jobs efficiently. To learn more about our software and how we can help your business, contact us today.


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