Cloud Storage vs. On Site: Which is More Secure?

If there’s one thing businesses worldwide have learned over the past several years, it’s that cyber criminals never sleep. Whether it’s your network, data storage or anything else, companies have to implement stronger security practices today than ever before. This always brings up the debate about whether cloud storage is more secure than on-site storage. There may be some benefits and disadvantages to each, but when you think about secure customer solutions, one clearly stands out from the other in the end. Here are some considerations to make when deciding between the cloud or on-site storage.

Accessibility Considerations

Many organizations use cloud based customer support software because it streamlines processes and limits accessibility to only the users who need to access the information. The fewer hands you can place on sensitive customer data, the less the risk is of the information being seen by the wrong people. The problem with on-site storage is it can be difficult to limit accessibility. Whether it’s internal employees, third-party vendors or anyone else, limiting access to sensitive information is important. This is possible to do in the cloud, but not as much with on-site storage.

Organizations Need Multiple Layers of Security

A single layer of security isn’t enough anymore when it comes to the cyber world. Cyber criminals can easily get through a single barrier. The cloud infrastructure is much more difficult to get into, since a hacker would have to navigate through multiple layers of security in order to access data. Compare this to on-site storage, where someone could accidentally stumble upon sensitive customer data at any time. Your customers’ data should be treated as your own confidential business data, so the more levels of security you can implement, the better.

Testing and Auditing Requirements

Cloud service providers must undergo frequent testing and auditing to ensure their service is secure and up to date. This is not true with an on-site storage platform. Just like with your cloud based customer support software, updating and testing the software will ensure the latest patches are installed so there are no vulnerabilities for a hacker to sneak into.

Cloud Storage is The Answer to Security

Cloud storage is one of the secure customer solutions that will continue to evolve. More businesses are beginning to move away from on-site storage as they learn about the convenience and security of working in the cloud. Your legacy systems may still work for your company at the moment, but most experts will recommend transitioning to cloud storage for the ultimate security for your business and your customers’ data.

PhaseWare offers customizable customer support software to go along with your cloud storage services. Security is our top priority, and we will only use the best secure customer solutions when implementing our services into your organization. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today.


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