The Benefits of Implementing Secure Cloud Storage for Your Customer Support Data

There are widely known benefits for companies when it comes to using cloud storage for customer support data. Flexibility, security, accessibility and reliability are some of the main components offered in order to make companies operate more efficiently. Security is increasing in importance due to the amount of cyber attacks and data breaches occurring on a regular basis worldwide. Implementing secure cloud storage in conjunction with other secure customer solutions creates a well-rounded operation that protects both your business and your customers. Not to mention these storage and software solutions also provide the resources and tools your support agents need. Here are some of the benefits of secure cloud storage to consider.

Your Provider Manages Data in The Cloud

In a perfect world, you can store your company and customer information in the cloud and have the ability to access it securely at any time. That perfect world isn’t too far out of reach when you combine your customizable customer support software with secure cloud storage. The provider you choose will manage all the data stored in the cloud, so you won’t have to worry about security issues. All of the security details, updates and patches are handled by the provider. This means you and your agents can focus on the most important component of your business: the customer.

Securely Access Data Anywhere

Business is constantly on the go, so having the ability to access data from anywhere is important. The main concern has to do with security when accessing files on a mobile device or through an unsecure Internet connection. When you work with a provider that bases their procedures off of security, you can feel confident accessing sensitive data from anywhere. And combining this high level of security with your cloud based customer support software brings peace of mind for any business owner knowing all information in the cloud is secure.

Providers Have Strict Security Standards

It’s natural for business owners to be somewhat hesitant when it comes to giving up control and relying on others. This is true when it comes to implementing secure cloud storage as well. However, when you do your due diligence and work with a provider having a vast amount of experience and expertise from a security standpoint, you can focus your efforts and concerns elsewhere for the benefit of the business. Being able to trust your secure customer solutions and your cloud storage provider go a long way in moving business forward and providing the best service to customers.

PhaseWare takes security very seriously from both a business and a customer standpoint. While our cloud based customer support software is the backbone of efficiency for a support department, we also offer secure customer solutions to ensure sensitive data is protected to the highest degree. Be sure to contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can work to make your company more efficient and secure.


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