These Hosting Security Features Are Essential for Keeping Your Customer Data Safe

Organizations that have done any amount of research on customer support solutions will recognize there are many different products and services available. It’s easy to get caught up in the features that don’t really matter and forget about the importance of customer data security. The reality is you’re making a significant investment in secure customer support solutions, so there are certain features you should be paying attention to more than others. Whether it’s the security of having data backup features, constant updates or simply being proactive with security practices internally, here are the main customer support security features to consider to keep your business and customer data safe.

Data Backup

Backing up data frequently isn’t optional in today’s world. A data or security breach can happen at any given moment, and any organization can crater if they lose all of their data. Your configurable customer support software, along w-ith your data host, should offer various data backup options best suited to protect your company’s and customers’ imperative assets. Many backups will run monthly, weekly or even daily, and offer the ability to manually backup data at any time. The more frequently your customer support software backs up data, the better off you’ll be in the event of an IT emergency.

Security Practices

It’s easy to think your customer support data is secure just because your data host stores information in the cloud. While the cloud is one of the best secure customer support options available, your organization also has to have internal procedures in place to ensure security. One minor misstep in a daily activity can lead to sensitive customer information having vulnerabilities when it comes to being compromised. Your main goal as a business should be to protect your customers’ imperative assets, so investing in the right support software is essential.

Updating and Rebooting

Many times a software update requires a reboot of your system or network. Organizations sometimes choose to rely on their third-party host to do this for them outside of normal business hours, but many organizations want the ability to reboot servers themselves. The ability to conduct a manual update and reboot will add another layer of security for your data, since there will be a very small window in which your data is vulnerable.

Protection During Server Crashes

Server crashes are going to happen in any organization. When your server or internal network goes down, it’s critical to still have access to customer and business information to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. It’s also possible for your network to be vulnerable to a security breach during this time, but you can have peace of mind when you’ve invested in the top secure customer support solutions to protect your valuable customer and business information.

PhaseWare offers configurable customer support software to go along with your other secure customer support solutions in your organization. Since security is one of our highest priorities for clients, we will work diligently to ensure no stone is left unturned and no holes are present in your company from a security standpoint. To learn more about how we can help your organization operate more efficiently and securely, contact us today. 

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