Customer Data is Open to Everyone Without Security

Data security. Every company has heard of it, knows what it is and understands the importance of it, but many don’t implement it for various reasons. One common misconception about data security is it makes customer support departments inefficient, since there are more hoops to jump through to protect sensitive customer data. However, the reality is when you combine data security with configurable customer support software, companies have the best of both worlds.

Without these secure customer support solutions in place, your customer data could potentially be open to everyone. Here are some components to keep in mind about securing customer data, while still remaining efficient in daily activities.

Vulnerabilities With Customer Support

Human error is one of the main ways sensitive customer data gets leaked. This could be from the agent accidentally sending information to the wrong customer, either verbally or written. But the software used in customer service could also create some vulnerabilities. There are plenty of software options for a customer support team, but not all of them come with security features needed. One of the keys to secure customer data is ensuring the software provider can pass a security audit. This is essentially the foundation of data security, especially when your other support tools can tie into the data for customers to use.

How Good is Customer Service Without Data Security?

No matter how great your team provides service, it means nothing if your company doesn’t take the steps to protect a customer’s imperative assets. These security practices should be both internal and external. For example, utilizing two-factor authentication, stronger passwords and auto lock out on top of strong encryption should be the basis behind security for any customer support team. Without these practices, the customer experience is essentially incomplete.

Data Security Doesn’t Have To Be Inconvenient

Customer support departments strive to be as efficient as possible, which sometimes means security practices are sacrificed along the way. With the right secure customer support solutions combined with the best configurable customer support software, securing your customer data doesn’t have to be inconvenient at all. In fact, you’ll be providing a higher level of customer service by doing so, and most customers are more than willing to take a few extra seconds to verify information to ensure data security.

With so many companies experiencing data breaches today, any amount of trust and respect you can gain from your customers is critical. One of the best ways to earn this is to make security a top priority, without sacrificing efficiency.

PhaseWare takes customer data security seriously and it is the basis of all of our secure customer support solutions. We work with high quality data hosts to ensure all of the security features and important certifications our customers need are available, including HIPAA and Hi-Trust Certification. As a customer support department, you can guarantee our software will provide the tools you need to be efficient, as well as add extra layers of data security. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to learn more about how we can better protect customer data without sacrificing efficiency in your organization.


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