Prevention is Key When Protecting Your Customer Data From a DDoS Attack

The financial impact of a DDoS attack on an organization can be devastating. But the reputational damage can completely sink a company. DDoS attacks have existed for many years, and they have only evolved to become easier than ever for a cyber criminal to launch and are more complex for companies to protect against.

One of your secure customer support solutions should include a prevention and protection strategy against DDoS attacks. Not only can these attacks completely make your website or network inoperable, but they could also be designed to distract you from a wider attack, exploit or intrusion. Here are some concepts to consider when protecting your customer data from a DDoS attack.

Identify DDoS Attacks As Soon As Possible

Your configurable customer service software should be able to assist in identifying DDoS attacks to an extent. Only you know how much traffic your organization gets on a daily basis, and what is an expected spike in traffic versus a suspicious spike. The key to preventing these types of attacks is to identify them as soon as possible. Many times you can identify an attack by noticing a quick surge of inbound traffic and taking immediate action if the traffic doesn’t seem legitimate. With the nature of DDoS attacks, every second matters.

Minimize Damage From A DDoS Attack

Most organizations don’t have the proper in-house staff to take action to minimize damage when a DDoS attack occurs. To best protect your customers’ imperative assets, working with a hosting provider you trust and can call upon during an attack is important. There are many different strategies these hosting companies use to minimize damage during an attack, but when you have the right configurable customer service software in place, you can rest a little easier knowing your customer data is secured as much as possible.

Have A Plan And Stick With It

You never know when a DDoS attack will occur, and you won’t have much time to think about it as it’s happening. A big component of protecting your customer data and preventing DDoS attacks is developing a comprehensive plan of how you will react to it. These types of attacks could take 24 hours or more before you’re back up and running, so there are many different aspects to consider.

The main concern should be with your customers and how you will explain the situation to them. Without going into extensive detail, you can explain the secure customer support solutions you have in place to at least give them peace of mind and maintain your positive reputation as the damage from the DDoS attack gets cleaned up.

PhaseWare offers secure customer support solutions that can be configured and tailored to your organization. Security and organizational efficiency are the two main components of our software, and we want to help every company we work with achieve both of those goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how our secure tools can better protect your customer data and your organization as a whole.


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