Customer Data Security Starts With HTTPS

Companies claiming to have the best security practices in place, but don’t have an HTTPS website, are simply making false claims. The basic security feature every organization has to have is HTTPS. Without it, your customers won’t be browsing securely and all of the data they input is vulnerable to being compromised. In fact, as customers become more aware of the Internet and data security, many of them will leave your page immediately if they see HTTP rather than HTTPS.

When it comes to customizable customer support software, you can guarantee HTTPS is offered in the package. While all new software packages include the additional security, it is time to upgrade your old software if you’re still operating with HTTP. Here are some concepts to consider regarding HTTPS and customer data security.

HTTPS is The Most Basic Security Feature

HTTPS is considered one of the most basic security features of a customer support solution, since it secures the connection, authenticates the website and encrypts information in order to protect any data from being transmitted. Of course, you should already have encryption to add an extra layer of protection.

Having HTTP instead of HTTPS will automatically make your organization a target for a cyber criminal, since they know there are fewer security measures in place. Whether it’s through a DDoS attack, phishing or other type of intrusion method, a hacker is attracted to HTTP much more than HTTPS. HTTPS won’t necessarily protect you from these types of attacks, but it does ensure data is transmitted securely and lessens the chances of becoming a target.

Why HTTPS Matters For Customer Security

Most organizations believe they only need HTTPS if they require customers to input sensitive information, like financial or other personal information. However, this is only partially true, since cyber criminals could be monitoring the customer’s actions more easily with HTTP. The cyber criminal could be watching everything the customer is reading, which could reveal identities or give them tips on how to gain access to other information. When you look at HTTPS in this sense, it’s clear to see why it is always offered as the basis of any configurable customer service software package.

Base Other Security Features Around HTTPS

While the importance of HTTPS is astronomical, it shouldn’t be the only security measure your organization takes. It won’t prevent cyber attacks from occurring, but when used with the best customizable customer support software, your customer data will be much more secure. Your other security features like encryption, malware protection and intrusion detection systems, will be more effective when it’s based on HTTPS.

PhaseWare’s customizable customer support software offerings all begin with HTTPS. Keeping customer data secure has to begin somewhere, and HTTPS is the basis for us. To learn more about how we build on HTTPS to create a more secure environment for storing and accessing your customer data, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


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