Stop Battling Customer Data Leaks

There are numerous ways customer data can be leaked. The hope is when it happens, the data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what secure customer support solutions you have in place, customer data will still be vulnerable due to human error or other problems.

One of the most effective ways to prevent these leaks from occurring is to secure and access your customer data with cloud based customer support software. When agents have to travel through multiple layers of security to access data, the risk of accidentally leaking information decreases significantly. Here are some concepts to consider regarding customer support software and how it relates to customer data protection.

The Role of Customer Support Software

With customizable customer support software hosted in the cloud, organizations can protect their own data and customer data most effectively. The processes your customer support department have to go through to access the data will be less complicated, so mistakes are minimized. And even when mistakes happen, they will most likely happen in a secure environment, so the risk of confidential customer data being leaked will be very low. The key for every organization is finding the right cloud based customer support software that works for them.

The Human Error Element

One of the biggest concerns every organization faces with customer data leaks is the human error element. The majority of data leaks are caused by human error, but when you have secure customer support solutions in place, you can have somewhat of a checks and balances protocol in place to minimize errors and leaks. Organizations generally trust their employees enough to protect their customers’ data, but management also has to realize mistakes happen and take the proper preventative actions to not leave them vulnerable.

Effectively Utilize Your Secure Cloud Environment

When your customizable customer support software is hosted in the cloud, accessing customer data is is much safer. The cloud has its own security measures, but there’s no such thing as being too safe or secure when you’re talking about customer data. Investing in these tools will give you the peace of mind knowing your customer data is secure and you’ve effectively reduced the chance of human error creating a data leak.

PhaseWare strives to put an end to the ongoing battle companies face regarding customer data leaks. When you use our customizable customer support software that’s hosted in a secure cloud environment, you’ll have a comprehensive solution for your business needs, as well as the highest levels of protection for your customers. To become more secure in your own practices, contact us today to see which of our solutions will best fit your organization.


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