Beyond Passwords: Customer Data Encryption

Many organizations don’t quite understand the big picture when it comes to customer data security. The days of a password being enough to protect sensitive information are in the past. Cyber criminals can crack virtually any password if they want to, so companies have to find other secure customer support solutions to provide further protection.

This is where encryption enters the picture. Many laws and regulations require companies to encrypt both their own data and their customers’ data. The concepts of having strong passwords and data encryption aren’t new, but they have resurfaced in recent years due to the widespread cyber attacks. When implemented along with customizable customer support software, your organization will be better equipped to protect customer data.

Encryption Goes Beyond Simple Password Protection

Here’s a quick snapshot of how encryption is different from even a strong password. A password protects the customer data you have stored with your configurable customer service software, until a hacker cracks the password. Then the data is vulnerable to being compromised. On the other hand, if your customer data is encrypted and the password is cracked, then the hacker won’t be able to read the data at all. Your organization will have an encryption key to unlock the data, and this key should be kept securely. Encryption is such a simple concept, but is essential for protecting customer data.

What Customer Data Should Be Encrypted?

Think about the secure customer support solutions you currently have in place and what data you’re protecting. There’s never any harm in encrypting every piece of customer information you collect, but you can target sensitive information like bank accounts, credit card numbers, address information and other data. Treat your customer data as if it were your own information, which means you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.

Is Encryption Enough to Protect Data?

Encryption is one of the best basic secure customer support solutions your organization can implement. However, other tools like two-factor authentication, auto lock out and implementing strong passwords will help boost your customer data security even more. Your customizable customer support software offers its own security protocols as well, but incorporating these extra measures will take your security to the next level.

PhaseWare offers customizable customer support software to help make organizations operate more efficiently. When our software tools are used in conjunction with other security tools like encryption, customer data will be kept as secure as possible. To learn more about how we can help improve efficiency and security in your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


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