Why Network Intrusion Detection is Important in Cloud Storage Security

Customer support teams generally understand the importance of network security. However, with so many security tools available, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are the best fit. One tool that sometimes gets overlooked is a network intrusion detection system. This tool will automatically monitor your network traffic and any suspicious activity and alert your system administrator about the activity. Your cloud based customer support software offers you a network intrusion detection system, so you can better protect your network and customer data.

Prevent Attacks From Happening

It’s important to note a network intrusion detection system alone isn’t enough to prevent cyber attacks from occurring. Having a firewall, encryption, strong passwords and other secure customer support solutions are also essential in protecting your customer data in the cloud. The benefit of the intrusion detection is to get ahead of the potential attacker before they can even attempt to break into the network. Having these other tools in place will buy you a little more time since you know your customer data is secure.

Types of Network Intrusion Detection

The good news is there are several different types of network intrusion detection systems to choose from. Even better, most of these systems should work smoothly with your configurable customer service software. Companies can invest in the system that suits their needs most closely. For example, some systems will only alert an administrator when there is suspicious traffic, while other systems make a predefined action automatically when suspicious activity is detected.

When you have implemented your cloud based customer support software, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a network intrusion detection system to better protect your entire organization, as well as your customers.

Being Proactive is Critical For Cloud Storage Security

When it comes to cloud storage security, being proactive is important on many levels. The good news is when you have a cloud based configurable customer service software, you’ll have all the security features needed so you don’t have to take any additional steps. This means eliminating in-house staff to monitor suspicious activity on your network, and more peace of mind that your information and customer data are protected. With the cloud based customer support software you have in place, the network intrusion detection system will work proactively so you can focus on other aspects of business.

PhaseWare makes security a top priority with all of their products. No matter what tools your organization has in place, there are no substitutes for secure customer support solutions. Be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can help you better protect your customer data.


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