Is Customer Data Secure in the Cloud?

The hype regarding the cloud has intensified over the years. We are now to the point where more companies than ever before are making the switch to cloud-based customer support software.

The main reason why companies have traditionally been hesitant about utilizing the cloud is because of security concerns. As technology has evolved, as well as the evolution of customizable customer support software that allows users to access data from the cloud securely, the benefits of the cloud are becoming well known. Here are some considerations regarding the security of the cloud, as well as how it compares to onsite customer support software.

Benefit of Storing Customer Data in The Cloud

Your organization has to do some homework before selecting a cloud storage provider. Not all providers are created equally, so it’s best to proceed with caution every time you consider one. But when you find a reputable provider that prioritizes security, there are plenty of benefits you can reap. One of these benefits is you can utilize your customizable customer support software to securely access customer data from the cloud in the most efficient manner. Just be sure the vendor has all of the latest security certifications, so you can rest easy knowing your customer data is safe at all times.

What About Onsite Customer Support?

With all the discussions about the cloud in recent years, companies tend to overlook the viability of onsite customer support software. While the concept of onsite software may seem like a traditional and outdated method for security, it’s simply not the truth. Having customer support software onsite is effective for certain organizations, but it all depends on the structure, the amount of data stored and the personnel you have in place. Your software provider can help you determine which option is best for your organization.

Customize Security For Your Organization

Flexibility is critical for organizations of any size. This is one reason why the best customer support software vendors offer customization, since you never know where your business will take you. Plus, since secure data hosting is part of the customer support software package, security features can be customized as well. Whether you use the cloud for storing customer data or onsite customer support software, you need the flexibility to update information to maintain efficiency and security.

PhaseWare offers secure customer support solutions that make sense for the companies we work with. Every solution we offer is based on security and efficiency, and we have the ability to tailor our software to meet your specific business needs. To learn more about our various software solutions, contact us today.


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