How Self-Service Tools Bring Power to Your Customers

Customers have a better experience on a company’s website when they are empowered to find answers to their questions on their own. No one has time to wait on hold when they call into a call center, and when they need an immediate answer, email is rarely a solution a customer opts for. This is where self-service tools enter the picture.

Building an effective knowledge base is one of the best ways to empower your customers to find answers on their own. It’s up to you to know which questions they have to begin with, though. Your configurable customer service software can help identify these questions by compiling and categorizing them to help you provide the best support.

Customers Want to Find Information on Their Own

Recent trends indicate a large percentage of consumers would rather find information on their own rather than call or email in their question. With the vast amount of information available on the Internet, chances are they will eventually find their answer. And if the answer is not on your website or in any of your support channels, then it can potentially lose you some business. Having the best onsite customer support software to know what types of questions your customers have will help you provide the information they need on your site.

To Empower Customers, You Must Give Them Quality Information

The knowledge base you develop should come from previous and current customer inquiries. With configurable customer service software, you can track incoming questions or issues through any support channel you offer. As you filter through the questions, you can look for different patterns to not only help improve your product or service, but to also provide answers to your customers’ questions without them having to ask. Just be sure not to put too much information on your FAQ or similar page, so your customer doesn’t have to scroll for a long time to search for their answer.

Guiding Your Customers to Self-Service Tools

There are many benefits of having customers use self-service tools as their primary resource. For one, it allows customers to get their answers quickly. But another key point is it provides some relief for your agents, since the volume of phone calls, emails and live chats will be reduced. Design your website to utilize self-service customer portals effectively, so users can read knowledge base articles in addition to FAQs. With the best knowledge base software, you can not only promote agent productivity, but also quickly provide the answers a customer needs.

PhaseWare is the leader in providing secure customer solutions to help your customer support department operate most efficiently. Having an efficient customer support department can only be achieved by having the right onsite customer support software to help both your agents and customers. Be sure to contact us to see how our solutions can help you enhance your self-service tools to bring power to your customers.


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