Can Mobile Support Lead to Better Customer Engagement?

There is still a big need for human interaction when it comes to customer service. However, recent trends indicate customers are using more self-service resources in order to answer their questions. One of the most common ways customers do this is by using their mobile devices to seek answers. If your company’s configurable customer service solution does not involve quality mobile support, you can quickly and easily lose customer engagement. So how can mobile support lead to better customer engagement? Here are some key considerations to make.

Mobile Support Must Be As Effective As Human Interaction

Having mobile support as a complaint management solution is great, but it has to be effective in order to keep a customer engaged. For one, your website has to be optimized for mobile devices so customers can find a clean and easy-to-navigate site.

There also needs to be clear and obvious areas where a customer can go to get answers to their questions. Whether it’s offering a mobile live chat feature, an email option, your FAQ page or a phone number to call, your customer shouldn’t have to look very long to reach a solution. Customers rely on mobile devices to be just as effective as human interaction, so your configurable customer service solution to help you track customer inquiries is vital for improving your service across the board.

Trends for Self-Help Materials

The challenge companies face is anticipating questions a customer has about their product or service. Customers are wanting to help themselves instead of reaching out to another human for help. Your website or app needs to have the answers to the most common questions, and even some uncommon questions. The good news is your self-help materials can always develop as you get more feedback from customers. With incident flagging customer support software, you can track the types of issues customers are having and provide answers on your mobile site.

Managing Your Mobile Support Options

If a customer can’t find their answers on your mobile site or app, chances are they will leave and look elsewhere. Businesses today are challenged with being able to provide answers to customers without even knowing what their questions are. This may seem impossible, but with an effective complaint management solution, you can easily track any incoming issues and compile them to create the best mobile support options for your customers.

PhaseWare wants to help companies improve and maintain customer engagement by providing the best configurable customer service solutions. Mobile support plays a big role in customer engagement today, and having the right tools will help your company provide the customer exactly what they need. To learn more about how our customer support solutions can help your business provide better mobile support, contact us today.


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