Do Customers Want to Help Themselves? Yes!

With the amount of resources available on the Internet today, customers want to find answers to their questions themselves now more than ever before. In order for businesses to keep up with this demand for information, they have to have a solid and effective knowledge base to attract customers to their website. Building a knowledge base starts with having customizable customer support software, so you know the types of questions your customers have. Here are some important considerations to make when it comes to helping customers help themselves.

Trends Suggest Self-Service is Preferred Among Customers

Different studies have been conducted recently to determine the overall trend of customers seeking information themselves rather than using support channels like phone, email or live chat. The majority of those customers say they will only use traditional support channels if they can’t find the answer anywhere online. With the trend not expecting to turn anytime soon, companies need to invest in configurable customer service software now to create an effective knowledge base to provide the right answers.

Making Your Self-Service Option Effective

Your self-service support will only be effective if you provide the information customers need. Developing a comprehensive knowledge base takes time. Having customizable customer support software can help you identify incoming inquiries and categorize them accordingly. You can then filter through the inquiries to see what the most common questions are and place the answers in the self-service portal. Identify the keywords in the inquiries made through multiple support channels, so you’ll be able to optimize the search feature on your website and streamline the process of providing the information customers want to see.

Benefits to Offering Quality Self-Service for Customers

Having a quality FAQ page based on your knowledge base will help your customers be self-sufficient. Not only will your customers be happier that they can find answers quickly on your website, but your agents will also have a little less stress as well. When a customer is able to find their answer on the FAQ page, it’s one less phone call, email or live chat your agents have to answer. This will reduce the volume of inquiries into your support department, which creates quicker response times and more efficient and effective practices for your agents.

PhaseWare offers cloud based customer support software or onsite software to help you meet your support needs. We can help you customize and streamline your support options and lead you to generate the most comprehensive knowledge base possible to help your customers help themselves. To learn more about how our solutions can make your self-service options most effective, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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