Can You Turn Complaints Into Revenue?

Due to a customer’s ability to connect with a business in various ways today, expectations have never been higher. Whether it’s through live chat, email, a phone call or other support option you offer your customers, companies have to be responsive to any and all complaints about their product or service. The reality is most companies only hear from their customers if they have a bad experience and need to contact them to make a complaint about it. This is one of the main reasons why complaint management software is important, so each incoming complaint is assigned a ticket to be handled promptly and professionally by a support agent.

The good thing is even the most negative complaint can be turned into revenue. When you have a complaint management solution in place, you can quickly interact with a customer and work to address any issues or concerns they have. Instead of looking at a complaint as a black eye for your business, look at it as an opportunity to turn it into a positive experience for your customer.

The Value of Customer Complaints to Your Business

Every business wants to have the perfect product or service that satisfies everyone’s needs and works flawlessly. While this sounds great in a perfect world, no business is completely perfect. Customer complaints are going to happen, so companies have to be prepared to handle them efficiently. In fact, if customers didn’t complain about your product or service, then they would simply remain silent and never do business with you again. At least when they complain, you have the opportunity to rectify the situation.

With customizable customer support software, transforming a complaint into revenue is entirely possible. Customers appreciate promptness, and the proper software will create a ticket for your agents to be able to handle complaints quickly and efficiently. Then it’s up to the quality of service of your agent to help out the customer and ensure they return as a customer.

Managing Customer Complaints

So how can you effectively manage customer complaints? For one, you need to have tested and proven complaint management workflows. With the right software, your agents can view complaint tickets as they come in and track the ticket throughout the process of resolving the issue. Whether the complaint comes in through live chat, email, a phone call to your customer service department or any other form, identifying and reacting to each complaint quickly will let your customers know you care, at the very least.

Building Customer Engagement Can Boost Revenue

Customer engagement strategies are difficult to create. The best way to do it is by investing in a complaint management solution to help you monitor customer complaints. As a business, you should welcome all feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. When customers complain, you are provided with an opportunity to improve in certain areas. And when customers feel like you care about their feelings and opinions, they’ll be more likely to return as customers. Having customizable customer support software in place streamlines the process for your agents so they can spend more time ensuring customer satisfaction.

PhaseWare has the best solutions for businesses to turn complaints into positive experiences, and increase revenue as a result. The value of complaint management software can’t be understated, and we are here to help you create the most efficient processes for your company. If you’re looking for an effective solution to turn any customer complaint into revenue, contact us today to learn more about our products and solutions.


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