Why You Should Consider Offering a Self-Service, Online Portal for Issue Tracking

Offering a self-service customer support option was once viewed as being a cost-saving option for companies. However, with the demand for self-service increasing every day, it’s now become a necessity. With the preference trending to customers wanting self-service, you have to provide the information they need immediately. Investing in configurable customer service software to provide your customers with self-service options will not only improve customer engagement, but it will also help your agents track issues effectively.

Self-Service Means 24/7 Support

Customers sometimes need answers outside of normal business hours. With configurable customer support software and a comprehensive knowledge base, you can provide them with answers around the clock. Customers can download informational documents, search forums, past incidents FAQs and more to resolve their own issues without having to contact your support department.

Knowledge Management Streamlines Support

A self-service online portal enables customers to submit their issues at any time and track their ticket online. Your onsite customer support software plays a big role in keeping your customers updated and allowing your agents to perform the support needed to provide the best answers. Plus, customers can also be engaged by providing peer support on forums or other options you provide. Many customers prefer to get answers from other customers who have had similar issues. Providing your customers with a self-service online portal to give them this opportunity will help streamline your support tremendously.

Multichannel Support Tracks Issues From Various Sources

Giving your customers the answers they need when they need them is the key to any great customer service department. However, the challenge of multichannel support is organizing and managing customer issues when they come in from different sources. Your configurable customer support software should be set up in a way where it can track what source a customer inquiry came in, so you can respond timely and keep your customer informed as you resolve the issue. When a customer responds to a knowledge base article or a forum, you can see the communication and respond appropriately. And as an additional bonus, customers can receive notifications when you answer their question or if another peer responds to the inquiry.

PhaseWare offers configurable customer service software to meet the needs of companies and customers alike. There’s a big world with many options when it comes to a self-service online portal. While it’s necessary to provide your customers with these options, there are plenty of challenges presented to businesses. Be sure to contact us to see how we can reduce these challenges and give you the opportunity to provide the best support imaginable to your customers.


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