Getting the Edge with Email Integration

Once you get your customer service department running well, it’s time to settle in for some fine-tuning as your business grows and possibly changes. This can mean implementing more customer surveys, or adding features to your product, or maybe opening up more channels for customer contact. While these are all great ways to give your company that extra little something to help it stand out, one of the more effective additions to give your team the edge is to provide them with state-of-the-art email integration.

PhaseWare’s customer service software has an elaborate set of configurable, customizable options and settings for its email integration feature. Email is a great and useful communication tool, but with PhaseWare’s help it can become so much more than that.

To start off, you’ll have the integrated tool of Exchange Global Address book, and your team will be able to settle in immediately, maintaining access to all the contacts needed for the company. The email editor you use will retain all the power you’re used to as well, considering our software will also allow you to leverage Outlook itself. With Tracker, you will never have to learn to use another email program, saving time and money for employees who are already comfortable with their current setup.

Another side of this feature is found in your ability to save sent or received emails in Outlook, to be used as a backup of customer exchanges. While telephone interaction remains the topmost preferred method of customer service contact, the second leading channel is email communication, just for this reason. A ready-made transcript available to both parties throughout the interaction makes it simple and satisfactory, and encourages a much more consistent follow through on service level agreements with customers.

One last little trick comes in the automated services section. With PhaseWare’s software, you will be able to auto-copy emails into Ticket Journal Entry history, saving the transcript not only to the email host itself but to the cloud as well, so that you can access a direct copy of your interaction whenever and wherever you need it.
Email integration is the unsung hero of customer service software. It can make or break your day with easy little outlets and add-ons that allow your agents to simplify their day and free up the time they might have used, so that they can apply themselves to other parts of the company where its needed.

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