The Four Essentials to First Class Customer Service

When it comes down to it, good customer service comes from happy customer service representatives. The question of improving your customer service and providing truly encompassing customer support finds its answer from the inside out. So how do you give your representatives what they need? There are a couple of key elements to focus on.

#1: An accessible, powerful knowledge base. Your agents will find themselves as floundering and frustrated as their customers if they are not able to find the answer they need to resolve the presented issue. With an expansive, heavy-hitting knowledge base, your team will not have to worry about that becoming a problem. PhaseWare’s customer support software includes a knowledge base set up with a deft, capable search engine, which will bring all the information your representatives need right to their fingertips at the stroke of a key.

#2: Proactive customer support. With incident deflection methods set in place for customers to resolve their own concerns, your agents will wind up with less on their plates to manage. Tools like the Self Service Center, Knowledge Base, Forums, and FAQs will be available to each customer to help them along the way with little to no upkeep from your side of things. This can mean more time for agents’ efforts to be put towards other parts of the company, or just creating an easier day so they can give more of themselves to each customer, connecting and collaborating to provide a more caring, engaging customer service environment.

#3: A comfortable, customizable workflow. With PhaseWare’s Visual Workflows, agents will be able to use a clear, simple set-up to help them keep their working rhythm throughout the day, and stay in tune with the rest of the team. Admins will be able to provide this kind of effortless workday using the smooth, agile drag-and-drop tool to create (or re-create) the perfect workflow in no time at all.

#4: Automation. This factor is one of the biggest when it comes to aiding your team in their efforts to provide good customer service. Automation can range across quite a broad array of fields in and agent’s workday, from schedules, to incident assignment, to timeline alerts, to reporting. PhaseWare’s unparalleled exhibit of automated features will let you and your customer service representatives breathe easy in the knowledge that there’s good software at your back. Automation can reduce stress and strain on employees trying to manage a large or varied workload, allowing admins to set the automation they need and forget about it. Allowing the software to pace your day for you can relieve a stressful work environment and produce much more positive results from a worker’s perspective as well as the customer’s.

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