Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

The heart of a company lies in its customer service. The demand for an omnichannel company is on the rise. To stay on the leading edge of the current market your company will need to be able to offer support through any means your customers can think of â€“ be that phone-based, live chat, e-mail support, forums, or simply providing a well-rounded, reliable knowledge base. While it is imperative that you develop these to establish yourself as a business, recent studies suggest that there’s been no change in what customers demand and expect of your customer service department at its baseline: speed, simplicity, and accuracy. Without the ability to excel at these three pillars of customer support, your clientele won’t really care how many channels you can offer.

So how do you balance it all? Providing a simple answer, from any channel, with blazing speeds and flawless precision sounds like a job only a machine could do. And that’s actually half right, as the case may be.

To create a truly seamless customer experience, you will need to have good software on your side. Getting to those three key elements to keep your customer service department ahead on top of the game can be as easy as choosing the right software for your company.

PhaseWare is proud to offer its users high quality, top-of-the-line customer service software that can deliver the cohesive front that your business needs to satisfy its customers. With the Event Engine, you are able to map out your schedule and ensure that deadlines are kept across the board, while your team relaxes into relying on our software to keep them perfectly paced. Your customers will rest easy, too, in the knowledge that no issue is left unresolved, and every concern is addressed in a timely manner. PhaseWare is also the parent to one of the most configurable, customizable customer support portals on the market today. This means that your website will blend effortlessly with our support portal, so customers have no trouble in accessing and utilizing the assistance they need. Support will be easy to find, and easy to use, making the customer/agent interactions that much friendlier and smoother. And as far as accuracy goes, PhaseWare has your back there, too. Our company’s legacy of emphasis on amassing and maintaining an expansive, handy knowledge base will have your team (and your customers) becoming experts with the click of a button.

PhaseWare has over a decade of experience in fine tuning the right customer service software for each of its varied customers. We’ve learned to keep the priorities of speed, accuracy, and simplicity at the forefront of the software, and worked towards excelling in each of these fields no matter what specifications the customer may need. Contact us today to get a free demo to see just how much our customer support software can do for you, your customers, and your team!

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