How PhaseWare Can Make You a Self-Service Superhero

Capterra recently published a post on the 6 most important steps to creating an effective self-service support site. In this post we’ll run down the tips suggested by Capterra’s team, so you can see for yourself why PhaseWare is the right software for the job!

#1: Providing easy, recognizable access to the support portal. PhaseWare’s seamless integration of its self-service portal to your website makes the transition for customers simple and accessible, with little to no effort on your part. The interface is entirely customizable, so you can place links or click-throughs wherever you need them.

#2: Building an effective knowledge base. When creating a portal for your customer to access, PhaseWare believes you should go big or go home. Our setup for constructing knowledge bases, FAQs, forums, and training materials is expansive, thorough, and will cover all the bases your customers might need, with keyword centric titles and articles for easy searching to boot.

#3: Giving people the right content, and only the right content. Some of our most powerful features can be found in the knowledge management tools. With PhaseWare’s unbeatably powerful search engine, users will be able to enjoy natural language searching and result ranking capabilities, so the right answer will be the first answer, ready at the stroke of a key.

#4: Maintaining the content. Our team is proud to offer regular support services to our customers to keep their products up-to-date with all the latest information and adjustments that may be needed! As a part of creating the perfect self-service portal, we are dedicated to keeping that relevant content at the forefront.

#5. Branding the product.
Accessing the self-service portal through a different host site can be confusing for customers if the interface is handled incorrectly. PhaeWare’s unparalleled ability to customize the look and feel of its products will give your customers a comfortable, easy transition, increasing the likelihood of an successful interaction without any third-party confusion.

#6. Offering support whenever, and wherever it’s needed. With our latest and greatest Tracker Beyond and Tracker Mobile installations, PhaseWare is pleased to provide Self Service Center support through any channel the customer should want to access it – be that laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet device.

Every part of providing an excellent self-service portal can be broken down, analyzed, and perfected systematically, which is what PhaseWare strives to do every day. With the necessity for automated service on the horizon for businesses everywhere, we’re with Capterra’s on this one: it’s important to stay ahead of the game!

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