Why Run-of-the-Mill Software Should Have You Running for the Hills!

Customer service solutions come in many shapes and sizes. When shopping through the nearly endless options, it can seem impossible to decide on which solution would be the best for you and your company. It may even be appealing to you to skip the research and pick the quickest, readymade software solution available, just to be able to check “costumer service solution” off your shopping list and move onto other things. But this is a dangerous move, and in the end, will result in a slew of uncomfortable situations and future problems to resolve. Here’s a few good reasons to really invest in your customer service solution, instead of just plucking a popular one off the rack.

First off, your business is the only one of its kind. There may be other companies in the same field, but no one is exactly like you, and your support solution should reinforce that. With cookie cutter products, you won’t get the customization your company needs, or deserves. The products on the market for a solution you can just pick up and install will give you the initial setup, and nothing more, regardless of what you may encounter during regular use. To select a service which doesn’t offer the configuration you’ll need to make all your agents comfortable and confident is not a service at all, just a prop.

Secondly, you may not have help. Once you get involved with the day-to-day of your new product, you are sure to have questions and concerns on how best to use the solution, or what to do in particular scenarios. With off-the-shelf solutions, you are often left out to dry when it comes to receiving customer service yourself. Bigger companies have bigger concerns, and frequently neglect to continue assisting their customers; once they’ve received their payment, the deal is done, as far as they’re concerned. With PhaseWare’s peerless customer support, you will have a friendly, home-grown agent available to assist you and improve your experience any time you need it. Help in developing your skill with our products is not only available by request, but offered à la carte, with series of training videos, downloadable resources, and even eBooks on the product and related topics.

Another failing often found in mass produced software solutions is a lack of automated services, which are game-changing when it comes to cultivating your ideal customer service environment. PhaseWare’s Event Engine provides a full suite of automated services to simplify your processes and streamline your agents’ day so that you can benefit from decreased workplace stress and increased customer satisfaction at the same time.

Reaching for the trendy, prefabricated product can be a wayward decision your company will regret for months to come. PhaseWare, in contrast, offers a tailored, expert option with an affordable price tag! Picking the right software for your business will make your day, every day, so get in touch today to start seeing those benefits roll out.

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