HOW TO: Improve Your First Call Resolution Rates

The number one factor in your customers mind, when it comes to support, is the timing. In recent studies, it’s been shown that when your customer connects with your support channels, they expect to get faster and faster responses as time goes on. In fact, for phone support, customers expect to have a resolution before just five minutes has passed, or over 50% of them will hang up. Following this they may try to get support through other means, solve the problem on their own, or at worst, give up on your product.

The best way to combat the rising odds is to beef your team up on their First Call Resolution skills. What does it take to give your team the edge they need to resolve the customer’s concern on the first call? Is it feasible to make this your goal for every single call? With PhaseWare on your side, the answer to that may be yes.

Getting to that quick, correct answer on the first call comes down to two basic elements in the customer service arena: having a responsive, encompassing knowledge base, and managing your customers’ information. PhaseWare is proud to consider itself one of the leading products in the industry for both such tools.

To develop the knowledge base your agents need, PhaseWare will help you accumulate all the information surrounding your product and its functions to put into a careful organized database, so that any thought, worry, wonder, or comment has multiple applicable articles and tips available for use. Once the information is mostly set in place, the next step is to make sure that it is reachable. With PhaseWare’s unparalleled, incredibly powerful search function, your team will be able to enjoy natural language searching and result ranking capabilities, so that the best answer is right at your fingertips within seconds.

Customer management is equally important. When a customer calls in, you can save hours of time, effort, and money just by allowing your team to be on the same page of the customer at the time of the call, rather than slogging through the details for each customer, each time. With the proper customer management software, your team will know exactly what this customer has been up to and when, instantaneously. More than one employee can even access a customer file and update it simultaneously, so there’s no possibility of losing precious information. If your agent is able to see immediately where the customer’s file stands, they will be able to diagnose the problem immediately, and give a resolution much more quickly.

While there are innumerable facets to producing that First Call Resolution every time, it is most important that you have these two main functions at your command to give your team a solid base to stand on before moving on to fine-tune the details of the operation. First Call Resolutions are the mark of a truly great company, so get in touch with us to start hitting that goal every day!

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