The Keys to Consistency

Consistency in service can make all the difference in the world. To keep your customer service department neck-in-neck with the leading industry standard, you will need to ensure that solid, predictable service is seen and performed across the board, so that customers can feel safe in relying on you as a company. Prioritizing consistency with your team will roll out continual benefits – improving your efficiency, accuracy, reputation, and even your company morale.

Consistent service is not as easy to achieve as it may seem. Here are the top 4 most important factors to keep in mind when focusing on your consistency.

#4: Visual consistency. Creating the interface that your customers will interact with has a big effect on how you are viewed as a company. To ensure brand visibility and ease of navigation, it’s best to present a united visual front that customers can identify as yours. PhaseWare’s customizable interface ensures that your website and our support portal in the Self Service Center blend flawlessly together, providing a seamless and reliable experience for the customer. In addition to your customer’s comfort, PhaseWare is dedicated to providing that same seamless experience to your employees as well. Screen Designer and the Event Engine are dynamic tools for creating the environment that works best for each individual agent, building your workplace efficiency and improving the morale of your team.

#3: Informational consistency. Without a strong core of information for employees to reply upon, your company can wind up giving off mixed signals to customers who are provided with varying responses to the same question. Cultivating a wide knowledge base which is available to your agents can help standardize responses and simplify the customer service job. Plus, with PhaseWare’s smart, powerful search engine, all the information you need will be immediately accessible and you won’t have to sift through unnecessary content to get the right answer, fast.

#2: Timing. The ability to provide a prompt, reliable response is one of the most valued traits your team can have. With PhaseWare’s innovative software you can automate tasks, alerts, and notification settings so that your workforce will move and perform like the well-oiled machine your customers want to see. All of this can be maintained with virtually no effort on a day-to-day basis; once you’ve got your settings selected, you can breathe easy and let the software do the work.

#1: Communications. The best way to improve consistency in your customer service department is to improve your flow of information. This can mean anything from interdepartmental, individual basis, or company-wide announcements. The more accessible information is, the better your team will perform. Using our five-star communication systems like the one included in the Event Engine, you will be in command of powerful tools to get your material across to whoever needs it, when they need it. Your customers will get the benefit of prime communication as well, with multichannel support offered through phone, live chat, email, and more. Customers will enjoy consistent responses regardless of their preferred mode of contact at any given time.

Providing consistent service to your customers is as important as providing a stellar product. The reputation that you build as a company will reflect your priorities in time, so keep ahead of the game by putting consistency first!

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