On-Site Versus the Cloud: Which Solution Is Best for You?

One of the utmost important features of your customer service solution lies at the core of the product: installation. Your solution must be tailored to fit your operation, or you will meet wall after wall from the get-go. Deciding between an on-site solution and a cloud-based solution has a lot to do with your own set-up as a company, and it’s important that you take note of a few things before selecting the best solution.

First off, you will want to consider maintenance. If you choose to have your customer support software installed on-site, the maintenance going forward will be largely your company’s responsibility. PhaseWare’s dedicated team will be available through email and phone support to help walk you through whatever scenario should arise, but the primary resolutions will have to be reached internally. This choice does allow for a lot of tweaking, which will give you tons of control over the product and how you want it to perform, but it does have its drawbacks as well. If you choose the cloud-based support, alternatively, your product will be virtually hands-free. Minor issues and bumps will be relayed to the PhaseWare team and resolved quickly, potentially before you even become aware of them yourself. This kind of proactive care and immediate access will save your company a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Another factor with drastic differences is a question of security measures. If you are a company which has already invested heavily in local security, it makes a lot of sense to select the on-site solution as a way of integrating it into your preexisting system. The on-site software is an easy-to-use product which will easily blend itself to the parameters you set, so that you and your team won’t need to make too many changes to get the new solution up and running. On the other side of things, if you give the cloud-based solution a try, you will be privy to a whole slew of top-rate security measures put into effect by the PhaseWare team, maintained and updated to keep with the cutting edge of technology in that field.

One of the key features for our cloud based solution which does outshine the on-site alternative is ease of access, and constant availability. With a cloud-based system you can get to your work from anywhere – your office, your home computers, your tablet devices, even your personal smart phone can get to the information you need without ever compromising your company’s safety. This kind of flexibility helps to ease the stress on your crew, improve workplace efficiency, and even raise your customer satisfaction levels.

PhaseWare is proud to offer both options for customer service software for whatever situation your company finds most effective. The core of the software we develop performs well regardless of which form you choose, so contact us today to get started with your new favorite program!


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