Customer Service: It Takes One to Know One

Building a business is a vast undertaking — and if you are planning on building B2B relationships as well, the stakes and the expectations are even higher. One of the most important departments that will need attention and perfection is the one and only, customer service department.

The process for providing good customer service may come across as fairly straightforward: Resolve the customers’ concerns as quickly and accurately as possible. But the reality is that achieving these simple goals can be as complicated and intricate as every other aspect of your business. So here are a few pointers on where to start and what to focus on, from one customer service practitioner to another.

Firstly, equip your people. Even the best customer service representative (CSR) in the world would fall short of the mark without the right tools for the job. When your customers come looking for answers, make sure your agents have it every time with a reliable, vast, easily searchable knowledge base (KB). A steadfast KB can make the difference between a quick, enjoyable interaction, and a long, drawn-out process that costs your company time, money, effort, and potentially, a customer.

In addition to a KB, your agents will need quick, dependable software to back them up and smooth their daily processes. Having a customer service software system which integrates all of your necessary programs into one, easily manageable interface can be a game changer for your company. PhaseWare has spent years perfecting a system of integrations which will make sure that no information is dropped between platforms — and if you need some help with a setup which is a little off-the-menu, we are also dedicated to designing the right system for you.

Along with these items, your customer service department will be a giant of its time with a proper system of business process management for your agents to use. PhaseWare’s version of this, called a Visual WorkFlow, will help to streamline routines and give your agents the support they need to provide reliable service. With the Visual WorkFlow designer, agents can also customize and configure their day to have a natural current of events that keeps them on track and eliminates the harrowing, sometimes hectic necessity of planning and tracking events, dates, meetings, and deadlines.

There are many other vital pieces to developing the ideal customer service environment for your agents and your customers, but it’s important to start with a serious emphasis on the basics of crew necessities, and avoid cutting corners with software products which won’t do the job all the way through. Out-of-the-box customer service software can leave you high and dry, so be wary, and get in touch with PhaseWare instead. After all, it takes good customer service to know good customer service.

One decision can be the positive difference that sets the bar for your whole company. Contact PhaseWare today to get moving in the right direction!

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