Helping Your Help Desk

Sometimes, the best thing you can give to your customer is high-level, wow-worthy customer service. With a well-trained staff and a reliable product, you can expect to have relatively positive results when providing customer support,


but what else does a company need to perfect the department? Help desk solutions are a craft which PhaseWare has been practicing for over a decade, and we are proud to offer one of the most efficient, effective, versatile help desk solutions out there. Here are four great tips to get your business on the cutting edge of help desk management.

1. Equip your help desk with powerful tools. Industry standard practices require that your help desk management system be prepared to stand up to the task of even the heaviest workload, and PhaseWare delivers, with workflow management, unbeatable proficiency in reporting, automation of alerts, alarms, and notifications, and a flawless dashboard application, the tools your team will have available will make them one of the most revered on the market. Along with these items, you will have access to a flexible integration system, so anything that you need included can be included. All you have to do is ask.

2. Ensure that the use of the tools is easy, and intuitive. Our software is designed to improve upon the IT services you may have experienced in the past, which can advance your reputation with customers, create a positive atmosphere in the workplace, and reduce the overall cost of maintaining a help desk, to boot. The software we present is simple to use and simple to learn, with guides, videos walk-throughs, and support available every step of the way. Achieving that holy grail of ROI is a whole lot easier when your systems work with you, not against you. 

3. Automate as much as you can. In a recent post we discussed just how effective automation can be for improving your company, with the conclusion of nearly endless benefits. The same holds true for a help desk set up. The most important part of PhaseWare’s help desk management is the automation of incidents, which will track the entire life-cycle of an incident including opening, trouble tickets, progress reports, and resolution.

4. Choose a help desk solution which grows with your company. A good solution is only a good solution as long as it can handle the strain. Our solution is specifically engineered to grow as naturally as your organization will grow. The suite of products will scale appropriately without sacrificing any of the five-star services and functions that make us such a good choice in the first place.

Help desk solutions can seem like a tricky category. How do you know what will work for your company? How much do you need to put into it? Who can you really trust? At PhaseWare, we believe that help desk management isn’t just a bunch of software strung together — it’s an art.

Curious? Test our incredible product risk-free with a trial — no credit card required. Contact PhaseWare today to learn more.

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