Why Your B2B’s Love to Live Chat

If you’re a company which deals, at least partially, in business-to-business relationships, then you know how pivotal they are to your own success. While they can represent a huge portion of your profit margin and net gain over the course of a year, putting up the big numbers isn’t even the half of the positive side effects you can enjoy when you maintain your B2B relationships. The general pull and reputation improvements that come with having the endorsement of another company can help to increase your sales and notoriety on the market, while the longevity of a relationship with another business can provide you a reliable platform on which to build and grow your organization. The benefits don’t stop there, but even these are reason enough to find a way to treat your B2B’s to the best experience possible. One of the most effective ways of doing so lies in the most up-and-coming customer service tool: live chat.

B2B companies love to chat live with your company’s associates. It’s one of the more versatile and under-utilized tools available for companies to impress and satisfy their B2B relationships. Here are a couple of reasons why you’ll want to give your B2B’s the gift of live chat:

1. Flexibility. Often, when you are providing customer service to another company, that company is not just sitting on the other line waiting for a resolution. Companies have a million things drawing on their attention at any given moment — live chat is a great way to maintain a multi-tasking customer and give the kind of service which allows them to respond in their own time without losing the thread of conversation.

2. An Instantaneous Reply. While e-mail correlations are often used to give companies a clear, searchable history of service, live chat is able to offer the same benefit without sacrificing the speed of service. Speed is a huge factor in customer satisfaction in general, but even more so with B2B customers. While using live chat, your company will be able to provide instantaneous results for each inquiry, with the clarity of an e-mail, and without the demanding nature of a phone call.

3. Versatility. With PhaseWare’s live chat product, you can switch people, platforms, and locations fairly seamlessly. B2B’s are a breed on-the-go, so it can really come in handy to make sure your customer service software moves as quickly as your customers do.
B2B relationships are not to be taken lightly. There are a good number of tricks you can pull to try to maintain the satisfaction of your bigger customers, but giving the live chat channel as an avenue for contact isn’t a trick at all — it’s just good business.

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