Three Tips for Better Ticket Management

Incoming incidents are unavoidable when you have a successful business. Whether there was a human error, a technical error, or even just a misunderstanding, you need to prioritize your incident management skills in order to handle them properly. Being disorganized or unable to deliver when it comes to customer service is one of the number one ways that your company could lose customers, so here are some of the best ways to stay on top.

 1. Know your customers inside and out. Ensure that when a customer opens a ticket, your agents have access to a 360° view of that customer, and half the battle is already won. Not only is it a huge time saver so that agents don’t have to do the leg work of looking up customer details, but it also makes you look professional, quick, knowledgeable, and ready to help. PhaseWare’s software has a unique system which will combine a single customer’s history all into one powerful view, from purchases to contact points to trouble tickets to returns. This way, when a customer has a question, your agents have the all the details right away.

2. Be quick about it. Customers are always on a schedule, and it’s imperative that you make it work within their time frames. Using PhaseWare’s incident management system will ensure that you stay on top of things the moment an incident pops up. Use incident templates for a speedy creation process, quick Incidents for standard support contacts, and you even have the ability to create automated incidents straight from an integrated e-mail system. The easiest way to increase your speed in incident management is to let your software do the heavy lifting for you, and PhaseWare comes prepared for the job.

3. Keep it classy. An organized workspace is a successful one — so keep your incidents impeccably in place with a classification hierarchy that’s both flexible and powerful. PhaseWare can give you as many levels as you need to organize the incidents you receive in whatever way you find most effective for your company — and with our experts to help guide your use of the product, we’re confident you’ll settle into a system unlike any you’ve experienced before. Our simple, effective tool features a drop down menu to give users instantaneous access to whichever classification tier they need, too.

Ticket management is such a pivotal part of the process when it comes to delivering in the customer service department. If there are any weak points along the way, any areas where an incident may slip through the cracks, it can have huge consequences for your company and your company’s image. Luckily, PhaseWare has got your back. Our foolproof system is designed to let your company shine and get the right information into the right hands, every time.

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