Keeping Your Knowledge Base Consistent

Making sure that information across your various support channels stays consistent can be a challenging part of customer service and support. Without the right solution, a series of inconsistencies between channels can be a real pain to your customers.

Few things can make customers more furious than having to listen to two different answers to the same question. Take that dissatisfaction to the next level when a second agent insists that his/her way is correct and that the last agent was wrong.

Having this be a recurring issue with your customers will give the impression that your company doesn’t know what it’s doing. It will give the impression that your customer support team needs better training. Put yourself in the place of your customer and ask yourself how upset you would be in that same situation.

Inconsistencies can come about from the use of multiple knowledge bases. Oftentimes new knowledge bases are created when new channels are opened, new products are introduced, or a new branch is opened. This might seem like a good idea at first, but having consistent information that updates all areas of your support system so that everything matches is a much better way to go both for your agents and your customers.

Centralizing your knowledge base and integrating all your support channels into it should be a high priority. This way, when the same question comes in on any support channel, you can have the same answer across the board. Even when new products are introduced, having those new solution sets in a single knowledge base will make updating everyone on your team easier, especially since you know you can expect higher complaint volumes after a release. Eventually the bugs will get worked out and everything will be easier to maintain when all of the information is kept in a single knowledge base.

One pro tip when it comes to knowledge bases is to keep things up to date by eliminating printed copies of knowledge base items. While having printed articles seems like a good idea, an updated knowledge base item will make any printouts irrelevant. Keeping information inside the knowledge base will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

With the right software, keeping up with a tidy and powerful knowledge base will become easier than you might have imagined. Take the first step toward a truly unified knowledge base solution and get rid of customer frustrations from a multi knowledge base paradigm. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our solution or experience it for yourself with our FREE TRIAL (no credit card required).

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