How to Treat Your B2B’s This Holiday Season

B2B customers require a higher level of customer service due to the nature of the relationship between your two parties. Losing a B2B customer can be devastating to your business and your reputation. This means that prioritizing B2B customers is one of the most lucrative decisions you can make, for a good number of reasons. Not only will you sell more stock, but you will enjoy the benefits of a company’s endorsement (implicit or explicit), which can improve your company image, increase your notoriety, generate more business from neighboring companies, fortify your customer loyalty, and help to anchor your company as a reliable name on the market. The advantages to pleasing a B2B company are fairly lengthy, nearing indefinite. There are two necessary focus points to keep at the front of your mind when B2B customers are involved.

  1. Get the right answer When a B2B customer contacts your customer service center, one of the most important things to emphasize with your agents is that the answer provided must be correct. Sometimes, the answer may take some time, and potentially, the answer may not be what the customer wants to hear. But honesty will always show through, and your business truly wants to make other businesses happy. Operate from a mentality of mutually beneficial goals, and you will be able to relay the information no matter what. Some of the key items to focus on when improving on your rate of correct answers would be to provide your team with a reliable knowledge base, train your team thoroughly and frequently from day one, and to provide an experienced, positive management team for employees to depend upon when seeking higher support levels.
  2. Get the answer quickly  While most companies understand that resolving a customer concern isn’t always instantaneous, it is absolutely imperative to fast-track responses and resolutions for B2B customers. If your business begins to put off the vibe that they don’t really care to help or they aren’t motivated to maintain the quality of service that B2B customers expect, the damage done to that relationship can be irreparable. Getting a workable, speedy solution to the company in question can mean supplying your team with responsive, reliable tools like an issue tracking program and quick, smart searching tools, and also putting automation systems into extensive use, to cut back on human effort to keep the system running perfectly. Automating systems is one of the most effective ways to improve the speed of service, so that your team can feel relaxed and ready and your customers can feel respected and fulfilled.

Business-customers are among your most important priorities as a company, so it’s paramount that you treat them that way. Taking on all those requirements without help is a herculean task, so don’t hesitate to recruit help where you need it: PhaseWare’s customer service software has everything you need to start seeing the right results, in the right amount of time.

Contact PhaseWare today to get your team on the right track to “wow” those B2B customers. The trial is free, and the results are real.

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