Customer Support Automation: How Far Is Too Far?

One of the most efficient ways to keep your team on its game is automation. The opportunities to automate are nearly endless: with PhaseWare’s software you are able to automate e-mails, processes, workflows, response timers, scheduling reminders, and just about anything else you could imagine. So with all of this on the table, the question of over-use may arise. How far is going too far with automated processes?

As far as we’re concerned, you really can’t go too far. Automation is one of the single most profitable, reliable, positive strategies you can approve for your company, so it’s to your advantage to go wild with it.

With more and more automated functions being performed by your software, the benefits become obvious in layers, from a day-to-day impact all the way to an overarching influence on your business path through the years.

On the micro level, your agents will be free of the strain of remembering deadlines, sending form response e-mails, and other menial task-work that can take up much of an employee’s valuable time. With automated systems, you will be eliminating the “busywork” portion of your team’s day, which can also have a positive effect on the team itself. Nobody likes filling out repetitive reports or accidentally missing a deadline. The tool of automation is incredibly handy, and will serve to amplify the productivity levels of your employees and complement their skills on the job.

From the outside perspective, customers will experience quicker, more reliable responses with automated response time reminders, which will in turn increase your customer satisfaction levels. This sort of stellar performance is especially affecting with B2B relationships, as businesses are more likely to track the regularity and reliability of your service than individuals. The trickle-down effect of improving the customer experience will result in higher levels of customer loyalty, bigger and more frequent purchases, and an improved reputation in the public eye to entice more and more business.

These aren’t the only positive outcomes when you commit to automating as much of your company as possible. The superior technology created by PhaseWare’s developers has crossed into automation options for workflows and outlook as well as the normal internal processes, so that you can integrate your automation across different platforms without skipping a beat.

If you can automate it, do it. At PhaseWare, we have spent over a decade perfecting the right kind of automation software that you can depend upon, day in and day out. So for the sake of your team, your business, and your customers, let automation take you to the next level!

If your team is bogged down, give them all the upper hand with a robust automation system. Contact PhaseWare today to get started!

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