The Advantage of Integrations

Building your company is a process of tool gathering and application, which means that it is highly likely that your company utilizes a wide group of different software and programs to meet all your needs on a day to day basis. If that holds true, then you are also subject to a number of pitfalls and dangerous scenarios that can injure your operations and jeopardize your success as a company.

One of the major issues with using various tools arises with information falling through the cracks –relying on human handiwork to relay and organize all information across differing platforms will result in information loss. Despite what may be a heroic effort to excel at training, preparation, and hiring practices, error must be accepted as a part of the package. This can cause all kinds of debacles for your team to amend and recover from, including customer service mistakes, PR disasters, and frequent misunderstandings between businesses.

Avoiding issues like these and the many others that can line your company’s path is, luckily, fairly simple: find a reliable system of integrations to help all your varying systems talk to each other cohesively, instead of using the glue of human effort.

PhaseWare’s software has spent over a decade perfecting the right kind of code to make all your programs play nice together. The JIRA feature keeps information in sync between Tracker and JIRA data in real-time, so you will never miss a step or fall behind. On top of this, you won’t have to swap back and forth between the two to get the information you need – you will have access to JIRA data immediately, right on your Tracker screen.

Outlook‘s add-in to the Tracker’s add-in to the Tracker software also allows you to use Outlook to create e-mails directly out of Tracker – no extra clicking, copy/pasting, or time wasted. The flip side of this features a unique, hugely advantageous ability to create tickets directly from Outlook to be integrated into your Tracker program without skipping a beat.

While those two integrations are some of the more widely used options in the PhaseWare arsenal of integrated programs, the list continues. As a company dedicated to ensuring that its customers receive the best care and the best product possible, PhaseWare is also proud to help your business create its own integrations if we don’t already have a template for the one you need.

You want the best for your company, and so do we. Contact PhaseWare to get started with making your dream a reality.  

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