Enabling Your Customers

The classic definition of a consumer may bring up images of a customer using your product, or chatting with a representative about sales or service matters. This is the general image with which companies work to provide faster, better services for their target market. But what if this is not the real portrayal of your customers?

In today’s environment, customers are digital, DIY folk. With the Millennial generation on the rise, this is especially, true, as the “help yourself” mentality has become much more popular lately than in previous generations. Guiding your company path to accommodate for the rising needs of the customer means giving customers a level playing field to solve their own concerns rather than coming to your customer service representative (CSR) team for assistance.

The most important feature to include in your fleet of tools for self-serving customers is, of course, a self-service portal. PhaseWare’s Self Service Center (SSC) is one of the most effective, easy-to-use, efficient models available on the market today, and it comes at a price that’ll please your budget, too.

Using PhaseWare’s SSC, your customers can complete virtually any service they may need. Customers are free to create their own incidents, get updates on incident changes, and manage information in the ways they see fit. The power is in the hands of the customer to find the solution they need at the speed they want. This means that not only will your self-motivated customer base be able to pace their resolution to their own liking, but your available employees will be free to use their time on other projects.

With all of that problem solving power, comes a ton of resources as well. PhaseWare’s software is designed to provide for the customer anything that they should need to research, diagnose, and troubleshoot problems which may arise. The constant presence of a knowledge base, potential solutions page, downloadable information, forums, and FAQ’s will give the customer such a wealth of information on your company and your product that individuals may start feeling like experts themselves, which is beneficial to both you and your customers. The PhaseWare knowledge base set up has been recognized as one of the best in the business, with natural language searching capabilities, ranked results, and a widely configurable setup for your company’s comfort. 

Staying in touch with what the people want means listening, responding, and providing. PhaseWare’s software has the potential to ease up the tension on your customer service departments, bring quick support to your customers, and improve your company’s metrics on a broad scale.

Self-service is a must on the market today, and you’ll be able to see why when you get your hands on PhaseWare’s robust software. Contact us today for a free trail.

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