You Can Increase Your Customer Engagement with Mobile Self-Service!

With all the technology available at a customer’s fingertips today, providing instant gratification is more important than ever before. If your mobile support options aren’t functional or don’t provide exactly what the customer needs immediately, then there’s a chance you’ll lose the customer. Keeping a customer engaged today is critical to keep them as a customer, and mobile self-service is one of the best ways to ensure it happens. Having customizable customer support software can help optimize your mobile self-service in many ways.

Customers Find Answers At Their Convenience

Customers today don’t want to wait on hold to talk to a support agent. Most customers will look for answers on their own first before they have to resort to calling, sending an email or jumping on a live chat. Provide those answers by having a comprehensive knowledge base and design your website effectively so customers can find your self-service portals in the most efficient manner possible. These options could include knowledge base articles, FAQs and more.

Agents and Customers Are More Empowered

With cloud based customer support software, you can not only empower your agents, but your customers as well. When a customer feels empowered, they will more likely remain engaged with your company for the long-term. Customers today make impulse decisions. When they need an answer, they automatically get on their phone and search for it. If your website doesn’t have the answer, they’ll to go another website. Your customer will literally spend seconds, not minutes, on your website to find the answer. This empowerment is essential for increasing and maintaining customer engagement.

Use Your Knowledge Base to Your Advantage

Knowledge base articles are vital for customer engagement through mobile self-service. With the help of configurable customer support software, you can ensure your message is consistent across multiple channels. One way to damage your reputation is if your agents tell a customer one thing, but your knowledge base article suggests something else. Your customizable customer support software can help you manage your knowledge base, identify any potential issues and help deliver a consistent message company wide.

PhaseWare understands the importance of customer engagement for present and future business. Mobile self-service plays a big role in customer engagement now and will play an even larger role in the future. Having the right configurable customer support software in place will benefit both your agents and your customers in this regard. Be sure to contact us to see how we can improve your customer engagement through mobile self-service and other important support options.


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