How Automated Alerts Can Help Your Agents Help Your Customers

Understanding what a customer needs and expects is much easier than actually delivering and meeting those expectations. Providing your agents with the tools they need to work most efficiently starts with a configurable collaboration solution. Agents need to have the ability to prioritize tickets to ensure all inquiries get replied to and resolved in a timely manner. Here are different ways automated alerts can help your agents help your customers.

Keep Your Agents Organized

Organization is critical in any high volume customer service department. A great complaint management solution is incorporating automated alerts to help your agents be as organized as possible. With an alert management system, your agents will not only be able to keep track of all open incidents, but will also be able to see which incidents are most critical.

Ensure No Issue is Unresolved

If you have to sort through hundreds of emails manually, it’s very easy to miss one. With an effective complaint management solution and automated alerts, no issue will be unresolved until your agent marks it as resolved. Managing a high level of customer inquiries can be overwhelming, but missing even a single incident is a potential black eye for your business. You can configure your automated alerts to inform your agents if an unresolved issue has been open for more than a specific amount of time.

Keep Customers Informed About Their Open Incident

Customers also want to be able to keep track of the status of their inquiry. The best configurable collaboration solution is to allow your customers to download an app to be able to track the progress. When your agent updates the status of the request, your customer will be alerted without having to call in to get an update.

Manage Alerts To Boost Efficiency and Productivity

Having a complaint management solution that’s easy to work with will boost efficiency and productivity for your agents, which will be visible to your customers as well. You can manage alerts in a single platform to allow you to look into certain issues more if needed, mark incidents as resolved or escalate others as necessary. Having automated alerts is great, but having the ability to fully manage those alerts makes your customer support most efficient.

PhaseWare offers comprehensive support to companies, whether you need configurable help desk software, issue tracking or automated alerts. One of the overlooked keys to a quality customer support department is providing your agents with the best tools to allow them to do their jobs efficiently. PhaseWare works everyday to not only ensure your customers get the best support options, but your agents are able to provide the best support as well. Feel free to contact us to see how our solutions can benefit your company.


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