How to Guide Your Customers to the Right Support Channel

Take a look at some of the best known companies in the world. One of the things most of them have in common is they offer outstanding customer support. Quality customer support can set a business apart in today’s world, and offering the right support channels to customers is critical. Multiple support channels are needed for almost any business, and they can easily be managed when you implement configurable customer support software. Having these various channels can help guide your customers to the proper one they need, so you can provide the best experience possible.

Offer Multiple Support Channels

It’s difficult to know why any given customer is visiting your website. They may be shopping for a product, looking for a support phone number to call, live chat or email feature. Having all of these options available will make the process easy for the customer, and for your agents as well. The best configurable collaboration solution a business can have is a software to help track inquiries from multiple channels.

Remember Self-Service Options

The majority of consumers today want to find answers to their questions on their own. When your company offers self-service support options, customers can guide themselves to the right answers. And if their question isn’t answered by reading your knowledge base, FAQ section, forums or any other option you offer, then you can have a live chat feature for them to get a quick answer. With configurable customer support software, you can quickly direct a customer to the proper channel to get the answer they need in the most efficient manner possible.

Make Customer Service Easy For Customers

The bottom line is companies have to make customer service easy to be successful today. Self-service is necessary for a business of any size today, and configurable help desk software can help operate the knowledge management system to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Giving customers the freedom to find answers on their own, but still being there for them when they need it, will set your business apart.

PhaseWare offers the software you need to help guide your customers to the right support channel, and help your agents execute most efficiently. Our configurable collaboration solution provides the ability to be flexible to meet the specific needs of your business. To learn more about how our configurable software can help improve your customer service, contact us today.


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