The Surprising Benefits of Self Service for Your Whole Business

Your customer service agents likely appreciate self service support tools, since it reduces the volume of inquiries they handle on a daily basis. However, the rest of your business can also be positively impacted by self service, either directly or indirectly. Think about how your customizable customer support software can enhance the marketing, sales or even product development aspects of your business. When you know what questions customers have, you can provide answers in your knowledge base and work to address any problems along the way.

Know What Answers Customers Need

Self service provides customers with answers to their questions without having to contact a support agent. When customers have access to a knowledge base, FAQs, forums, downloads or other features, you can track exactly what they are searching for with customizable customer support software. This allows you to look for patterns that can help identify issues with your products or even help your sales or marketing teams develop different strategies.

The Power of a Knowledge Base

The best software for B2B customer support includes the development of a quality knowledge base. A knowledge base helps your marketing department know what features are most important to customers. It also helps your sales team know which points to address. And it also helps your customer service staff streamline their process, since the customer already has some knowledge before they reach out. A quality knowledge base is a worthy investment because of the efficiency it allows different departments to have, and it also improves various business practices.

Reduce Ticket Response Times

When you spend time on developing your self service options, you’ll be able to easily identify the reduced ticket response times with your complaint management solution. Many business owners are surprised to learn customers tend to search for answers on their own before they reach out to a customer service agent. When they do this, their questions will be more specific so the inquiries can be quickly resolved. Or you can simply direct them to your knowledge base in the event they overlooked the answer they were looking for.

PhaseWare has the perfect complaint management solution for your business. We take pride in offering customized solutions to help meet the specific needs of your company to improve efficiency and provide a better overall customer experience. Self service can be a huge benefit for your entire organization, so contact us today to see how we can help you develop and implement yours.


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