The Advantages of Customer Service Notifications

When choosing the correct customer service software for your company, it may seem appealing to pick the most popular, cookie-cutter system available, with the idea that it will give your company a reliable set-up and a broader support base if you need assistance. However, you will likely meet with the opposite of this. Working with one of the big hitters in customer service software often results in a lack of attention from the company and a generic set-up that does not offer all the functions you want or provides services you don’t even need.

Circumventing this takes only the decision to select a service which will work with you to match your particular business’ requirements. PhaseWare is able to configure its settings to virtually infinite original set-ups, so that your company has the highest rate of workplace efficiency possible.

One of the most important functions of customer service software is providing a smooth, adroit system of notifications and alerts so that your employees are kept ahead of the game. PhaseWare’s Tracker product boasts the ability to assign and reassign tickets as necessary, and set escalation notifications so you will always know if a ticket is taking the next step toward becoming a bigger issue. New incoming tickets are organized as you see fit, giving your representatives the freedom to flag any important details or set themselves up for specified alerts on just one customer if desired. 

Notifications are necessary throughout other aspects of your business as well. With PhaseWare you can configure the software to alert you on impending due dates which you are able to set and reset at will. The integration system for molding these notifications to your comfort will give your workday a seamless flow, reducing stress and improving performance while increasing your customer satisfaction rates.

In addition to this, you can configure the software to automate escalation of tickets depending on severity. The automated escalation options allow you to receive notifications for items which may have taken you by surprise and remained unnoticed for long enough to create a larger, less manageable problem.

With every system of notification that PhaseWare provides, you are able to decide what form it should take as well—be that email, popup window, calendar integration, or even text message. Configuring your customer support software can give your company the edge it needs to provide state-of-the-art customer care, and with PhaseWare it can come at the price you can afford.


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