The Importance of Omni-Channel Customer Support

Working in a B2B environment has a lot of positive opportunities for you and your company. B2B interactions are often the most lucrative and thereby the most important interactions for you and your team to perform at its highest level. Providing customer support to another business requires a lot of organization, preparation, and careful attentiveness to encourage the trust and support needed for a long-standing business contact between you. A definite factor in being able to meet a business’ needs lies in your ability to develop an omni-channel customer support system.

When a customer service concern arises for a business, it won’t always be addressed to you in the same way by the same person. It can mean that someone will send an email, someone will call you, and someone else will send a live chat about the same concern. If your company attempts to field all of these contact points as separate events from each other, the result is poor customer management and an undesirable waste of effort from both parties involved. The satisfaction of your business/customer will be injured due to the inevitably varying responses from your representatives, and piecing the story together to reach a full solution can take up precious energy and skill that your representatives could be better employing elsewhere. This is all easily avoidable by merging your channels into the ultimate customer service tool: omni-channel support.

One of the core products in circulation by PhaseWare allows its users to provide seamless switching between any offered channel of customer service—be that chat, email, phone care, or web portals. If you are inside of an incident from a customer, whether it is an individual or a business, you are able to see all of the previous incidents from that customer no matter which channel was utilized. This bird’s eye view of a customer’s incident history will give your employees the customer service tools they need to provide the truly impressive service which bolsters loyalty and strengthens trust. Your customer satisfaction rates will increase and the efficiency of your representatives will drastically improve.

In addition to the omni-channel access, PhaseWare includes a valuable customer tool in its Self Service Center: incident status review option, available 24 hours a day. With this tool, customers will be on the same page as your support agents even before a contact has been made, so that the omni-channel service is visible from customer’s side as well.An advantage like this can really change the game for you and your customers. Providing and omni-channel customer support solution is a simple, certain way to positively reinforce your customers and your representatives alike. 



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